Our Story

Once Upon a Time

Our Story

Once upon a time, a vintage loving gal named Danielle decided to sell her overflow of vintage finds online to support her thrifting habit.  Now, as it happens, Danielle was also a slightly eccentric, creative artisan (and a bit of a bookworm) from a family of dancers, musicians, artists and DIY-ers.  So, after some success at selling her vintage finds, she started to add in her own handcrafted jewelry, clothing and accessories.  

She named her shop ConstantlyAlice, after her Maternal and Paternal Grandmothers, Constance and Alice, who were the source of her love for individuality, literature and the arts (and who had passed on a healthy dose of gumption and ingenuity.)

Danielle’s love affair with vintage and crafting continued for many years, supplying her shop with lovingly created items and carefully curated vintage finds…until an old love showed up on the scene…

You see, Danielle had been passionate about books from the minute she could read.  She read everything, from Little Women to her Mom’s Volvo car manual.  If it had words, she loved it.  During the 5th year of her little shop, Danielle was hired to work…as the DIRECTOR of her home town Library.  This was, of course, a dream come true.  Danielle threw her whole heart into her new job, and her little shop grew silent.  Until…

Danielle stumbled upon the idea to combine both of her loves and the NEW ConstantlyAlice was born!  A wonderful, whimsical shop filled with vintage and handcrafted items inspired by the books and stories you love.


Your Story
Now we want to help you share your story.  Are you a Romantic?  Do you love Sci-Fi?  Is History more your thing? There’s something in our shop for everyone!  Find the items that express who you are and use them to tell your story to the world!